Looking around me, there are so many opportunities for good filled with bad. It’s simple and it’s stupid.
So, I’m building Comedy City, USA, and hopefully with it, a renewed American spirit!
The American Revolution has to be one of the greatest defining moments in all of Human history, and were we, as a whole people to never forget the ideals set before us back then, we would continue to find better opportunities.
I like to think that Relapse has been set up along the same values as our Government’s original intent, and not the bullshit socialism were forced to deal with today. Relapse could act like the Federal Government in that we were the amalgamation of many separate yet united states. Only in our case, the states are comedy groups. Relapse will build roads and secure our common defense. We will allow for free commerce between the states. We will abide by a constitution whose only purpose is to enumerate the power of Government. These powers must be limited.
Freedom means responsibility, those who do nut wish to be free, will not survive. That is the way it should be.


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